Main Inbound Number:

(972) 524-3341

# EXT Name Email Building
128 Academic Affairs n/a Timothy Hunt Science
104 Academic Research n/a Institutional Research
161 Admissions Office Timothy Hunt Science
156 Alumni Office n/a Washington/Sams Fine Arts
105 Bookstore n/a Smith/Holland Student Center
146 Business Office n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
140 Cathey, Joyce Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
178 Cathey, Vernon Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
122 Christian Echo - Subscriptions Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
131 Davis, Phyllis Timothy Hunt Science
126 Financial Aid    
149 Development Office n/a Washington/Sams Fine Arts
154 Developmental Studies n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
132 Dining Hall n/a Thelma Holt Dining Hall
  Evans, Herb G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
124 Financial Aid n/a Timothy Hunt Science
116 Graham, Barry Washington/Sams Fine Arts
128 Hodridge, Deborah  
127 Howie, Douglas Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
109 Library n/a Institutional Research
160 Maintenance (or 145) n/a Institutional Research
144 Maxwell, James ; Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
200 McClinton, Johnathan Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
TBD Office of the Registrar Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
120 Owens, Demarcco - Athletic Director/Men's Basketball  G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
122 President's Office  Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
172 Price, Walter Washington/Sams Fine Arts
109 Rollie, Trinita, Hogan/Steward Learning Center
135 Royal, Dean Timothy Hunt Science
148 Savala, Lyante - Acapella Chorus Director  Washington/Sams Fine Arts
150 Security (guard shack) n/a Guard Shack
200 Security (office) n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
102 Server Room n/a Timothy Hunt Science
176 Student Activities Washington/Sams Fine Arts
107 Student Affairs n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
155 Student Retention n/a Timothy Hunt Science
134 Title III Office n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
167 Upward Bound n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
146 Walker, Lois Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
121 Women's Basketball n/a G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
169     Timothy Hunt Science
  SwCC CAMPUS POLICE DEPARTMENT Commissioner M.L. Terry, Sr.
Business Office   972.524.0734
Financial Aid       972.563.7133
  MARY CARPENTER HALL Kellee Johnson, Supervisor ext. 118  
  FINE ARTS BUILDING Alumni Center     ext. 156
Faculty Loung     ext. 157
Printing Office     ext. 158
Studio WestEnd   ext. 163
Douglas McDuffie, Supervisor  ext. 112  
  STUDENT CENTER Book Store         ext. 105
Counselor          ext. 159
Transportation    ext. 105
  TOLL FREE NUMBER:  800.952.9357  

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