Message from the Chief

ChiefWelcome to the Southwestern Christian College Public Safety Website. Our internet presence reflects our department’s community policing philosophy and our commitment to providing the best service possible. Southwestern Christian College’s Department of Public Safety employs officers who are committed to providing a safe learning environment and a high level of professional service to everyone, and who holds high standards of spiritual and moral values.

We are a college of character committed to excellence; this is what we stand for at Southwestern Christian College. The campus Department of Public Safety strives to accomplish our role in attaining the mission of the college. The protection of life and property, as well as attaining a sense of security and peace, is crucial to our role. We view the campus community as precious. Our students, faculty, staff and guests are valued. Any real perceived occurrence that is, or has the potential of, causing personal or property injury is our issue to resolve. This is accomplished through fair, consistent and equal enforcement, always bearing in mind the rights and dignity of those we serve. We nurture trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. To fulfill this mission the campus Public Safety Department is dedicated to providing quality service for those we serve through effective leadership.

Working for the Cause,
Johnathan McClinton
Chief of Campus Safety

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Driving Rules & Regulations

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report any safety or security concerns directly to Campus Public Safety. 

Our telephone number: (972) 524-3341 ext 150.